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Issue 3: Feature store, weird chatbot, XGboost for Spark and Airflow in Amazon

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This week, I think I’ve finally understood what a feature store is (thanks to Tecton). There is also some other news: better integration of the orchestrator Airflow in Amazon, distributed XGboost with Spark, a chatbot from Google which is better than before but still weird.

Introducing Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)

I’m a big fan of Apache Airflow which is a great tool to orchestrate your tasks. Then, I’m glad to hear about

A fully managed service that makes it easy to run open-source versions of Apache Airflow on AWS

What is a Feature Store?

What is a feature Store

A great article about what a feature store is concretely. In a nutshell:

A feature store is an ML-specific data system that:

  • Runs data pipelines that transform raw data into feature values
  • Stores and manages the feature data itself, and
  • Serves feature data consistently for training and inference purposes

Meena, the new chatbot of Google is still weird

Chatbots are better and better year after year, but still weird:

Meena discussion

How to Train XGBoost With Spark

XGBoost is currently one of the most popular machine learning libraries and distributed training is becoming more frequently required to accommodate the rapidly increasing size of datasets.

XGBoost4J-Spark can now be quickly used to distribute training on big data for high performance and accuracy predictions

XGboost with Spark

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